GreenAmp Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems – A replacement for Sacrificial Anodes

GreenAmp ICCP systems for Marine applications are the technology that replaces sacrificial anode systems on boats. Especially for Aluminium alloy and steel hulled boats, The GreenAmp ICCP is an auto-controlled DC powered system that provides the DC current (Amps) that were previously delivered from the galvanic reaction between the sacrificial anode and your hull.

Benefits of GreenAmp ICCP are that if the amount of current the hull, propeller and skin fittings require increases, your GreenAmp ICCP will automatically adjust its output and retain the protection on your hull. You might ask why that would change. Well below are some examples of changes in protection criteria demand currents:

Deterioration or loss of underwater hull coating systems.

Changes in salinity of the water your vessel is moored or operating in.

Increased tidal currents that deliver more oxygen and nutrient that increases corrosion activity.

Stray current activity form on board faulty wiring or from adjacent vessels or piled structures.

Operating speed decreases the effectiveness of a normal sacrificial anode system.

All of this and many other variables can result in the number of sacrificial anodes providing insufficient or excessive protection. The auto controlled GreenAmp ICCP system will record your operating data as well as display the protection in an easy to understand helm mounted meter.

GreenAmp ICCP can be operated from the ships DC batter supply or operate independently from a purpose fitted solar system.
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