Lordco has been supplying pipeline and process equipment to the New Zealand gas, oil, water and process Industries since 1975. Lordco is heavily involved in the development New Zealand’s natural gas market and represents many very well known principals who provide specialised quality products for use in the pipeline, plant and process industries.

In 1996 the company purchased the electrical importing company Cory-Wright-Group and changed its name to Lordco CWG (New Zealand) Limited.

To consolidate and simplify our identity, while retaining our product range and services, we have returned to the brand Lordco.

Our now strengthened company offers an enhanced specialised product range from principal suppliers from around the globe such as electrical equipment from the United Kingdom (high voltage fuses, gas detection equipment, security sealing products and industrial connectors), electrical instrumentation from both the USA and Japan and transformer accessories and ball valves from Italy. We believe that products sourced from the industries of which they are used are the very best available.

Lordco has a team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers who collectively provide information and recommendations on the specialised products we represent, in regard to both the electrical and mechanical disciplines, to ensure you are always working with the right product.


Our product range is as specialised as it is varied, from Anodes to Thermoelectric Generators, Corrosion Inhibitors to Pigging Equipment and Flange Isolation Kits to Pressure Vessels – we have you covered. While a lot of our product ranges revolve around corrosion prevention, mitigation, monitoring and control, we also supply products associated with other areas such as filtration, pipeline cleaning and maintenance and major pipeline equipment.

With over 44 years experience the Lordco team has the know how and solution.