The Electrobraze Pin Brazing System is the ultimate solution for Cathodic Protection, Pipeline and Utilities Companies for the attachment of Cathodic Protection System Anode cables, Continuity Bonds, Earthing and A.C. Mitigation Systems to Sensitive Substrate Materials. Due to being both Heavy Duty and Fully Portable, the Electromechanical Design of The Electrobraze Pin Brazing System has made it the ultimate solution for Companies working Offshore and in Remote Locations Worldwide.

Pin Brazing forms part of a technology developed in Sweden throughout the latter half of the 20th century, by enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking people. The purpose, for attaching current carrying cables to what were deemed “Sensitive Substrate Materials”, or in this case Railroad Track Signal Bonding, Grounding Circuits and Earthing of Pylons.

In later years the Pin Brazing process and Products were developed for use In the Oil, Gas and Utilities Industries as a safe method of connecting cables to Pipelines. The most popular application being for Cathodic Protection purposes including the attachment of Cathodic Protection System Sacrificial Anode Cables, Test Post Cables, Continuity Bonding between Pipeline Sections, Connection of Monitoring Cables, Earthing and A.C. Mitigation Systems.

Due to the Portability, Ease of Use and Versatility of a system that can be either Battery Powered or in Offshore and Workshop applications attached to a Welding Generator for continual use, the Pin Brazing System has become the ultimate solution for the Electrical Bonding of Sensitive Substrate Materials worldwide.

Recently Electrobraze Limited has launched several totally new and unique products including the successful TranstudTM Portable Stud Welding System, specially developed for use within the above industries in specific areas where Sensitive Substrate Conditions do not apply.

During 2011, 2012 and 2013 we made further advances in Pin Brazing technology with the development of the DC-SeriesTM Cable Crimp Terminal System and Launch of the SF670TM product range, a completely new line of High Strength Sliver-FlowTM Cadmium Free Silver Brazing Pins developed for use within the Lightning Protection Industry.

For further information, on the Electrobraze range of pin brazing equipment, please see our website, click here, or call the team on 1800 446 400.

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