Why invest in a Fail Safe Dairyland Galvanic Isolator

Dairyland Ship Mounted GI’s

Dairyland Galvanic Isolators are one of the few internationally certified devices approved by the ABYC international certification body for small and medium sized marine craft. A Galvanic Isolator is a device fitted between the shore power and your vessels AC input supply point.

When your vessel is connected to shore based AC power, the GI devices electrically isolate the shore copper earthing system from your vessels immersed metal work as well as appliances on board. In the event of an electrical leakage or short on board the vessels AC system, the Dairyland GI will allow any AC to pass to ground via the shore earth.

However the Dairyland GI will not only allow AC to pass, but it will block any DC galvanic currents passing between the vessel and the shore copper earthing system.

All Dairyland GI devices are stringently designed and built to carry fault currents at the rating of the power outlet from the shore power. So there is no danger of overheating due to excessive currents which might otherwise result in inappropriately built units catching on fire. Dairyland GI’s are we believe the only GI’s built and certified for Lightning strikes as well.

Dairyland GI’s are designed to fail closed. Whilst there have never bene any reported electrical failures of Dairyland GI devices for marine purposes, they will fail closed to ensure maximum safety of personnel and electrical systems on a boat.

Why GI’s must be fitted to the vessel and not the Mooring or shore power pedestal

If a GI was fitted to a shore based pedestal outlet, should two vessels be moored and powered form the same pedestal outlet, your vessel would then be interconnected to the adjacent vessel via the common MEN earth on the common power supply. Also if you move your boat, you need to take your electrical protection with you. There is Australian Standards that nominate that vessels need to have their own GI’s and it is not the responsibility of the marina owner to provide such equipment.

If you want to ensure that your vessel remains protected and is not suffering from a lack of protection or stray currents from a number of possible sources then A GreenAmp CPMS system with 3G remote reporting could be the wisest investment you make to protect the value of your asset. If you have a Dairyland GI (galvanic isolator) fitted you will be assured of electrical safety at all times on board your vessel, plus should any issues arise with your AC Earth isolation the GreenAmp CPMS should report it to you within a week of the issue arising.

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