Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors STOP CORROSION in Marine Environments

Technology keeps moving forward and we all struggle to keep up with it all. However, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors are a technology that all marine participants should get excited about.

How Does a VpCI Work – In simple terms, VpCI’s are products that simply transform from a solid state (powders) directly to a gaseous inhibitor VAPOR. This can best be understood as a product similar to Dry Ice that transforms from a solid to CO2 Gas. Or the Vapor Rub we all have used at some time in our life to relieve congestion in our breathing passages.

VpCI’s come in many forms. For the boat owners, the most useful products are for engine oil additives plus the tennis balls (VpCI – 111) that can be used to prote4ct electronics as well as atmospheric spaces in engine rooms to reduce the corrosion generally in the Engine Room space.

The VpCI cloud seeks out negative pressure spaces and generally will form a MONOMOLECULAR film on all enclosed metal surfaces. In so doing it will displace any moisture that would have otherwise settled on your metal surfaces and resulted in a corrosion situation.

Engine / Gear Box Oil Additives – VpCI-329 is an oil additive that will allow corrosion inhibitor gas to be released into the air spaces of the crankcase and gearbox enclosures of your marine engine/s. No more needs to exercise your engines monthly to keep the oil circulating and reduce corrosion within your engines and gearboxes. The VpCI cloud will produce a monomolecular film on all metal surfaces and displace any potential corrosive moisture.

This is better than what Silica Gel can provide and it works in oil.

Electronics, Switchboards & Engine Rooms – VpCI-111 is a powder impregnated sponge tennis ball size product that will provide VpCI inhibitor protection to a 3 cubic meter space for two years. You can stick one VpCI-111 tennis ball in your switch ball or engine room compartment (outboard cover) and achieve corrosion protection for two years in a three cubic meter space. Got bigger spaces, use more tennis balls.

For your electronics, use a VpCI-101 band-aid size stick up and you can protect 0.11 cubic meters (1 cubic foot) for two years.

Other VpCI’s – Vapor Corrosion inhibitor products are available in almost every form of Vapor Cloud Inhibitor form from impregnated plastics, tarpaulins, Machined parts coatings and soluble coolants.

The Anode Engineering corrosion prevention team are excited about the solutions to your potential corrosion problems. Call one of the A-Team Corrosion Engineers / marine Corrosion Surveyors today to get more information and answers on how to forget about silica gel options and seriously focus on the greatest new technology yet to arrive on the marine management scene.

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