Ranger II Casing Spacers

Anode Engineering supplies a large range of casing spacers to suit our customer’s needs. Our most popular range of casing spacers is the Ranger II Casing Spacers. The features and benefits that make the Ranger II’s the most versatile casing spacer on the market include:

  • All non-metallic – no nuts, bolts, washers or any other metal parts to corrode over time· Cover a large range of pipe diameters – 0.83” (21mm) to 37.60” (955mm).
  • Segmented pieces – small inventory may be used to accommodate a large variety of pipe styles, types and diameters. This means no extra trips from job site to warehouse for additional parts.
  • Easy assembly & no special tools required – simply slide the segments together and ratchet tight with patented slide-lock connecting system.
  • Manufactured from UV resistant polypropylene which means there will be no UV degradation over time.
  • Wide variety of runner heights – allows numerous options for pipe positioning within the casing.

We carry stocks of most sizes of the Ranger II’s in our Loganholme, QLD warehouse. For more information on the Ranger II Casing Spacers please contact the sales team at Anode Engineering or by phone on 1800 446 400. Contact us.

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