Product Spotlight – Electrobraze Pin-Brazing equipment

Here at Anode Engineering we really do use the products we sell, our engineering team have been busy using the Electrobraze Pin Brazing gun installing surge diverters for some of Australia’s biggest gas pipeline operators in some very remote locations. We have also completed many water and waste-water pipeline test point connections using the Electrobraze system.

The Electrobraze system provides the ability to attach 6, 8, 10 & 12mm threaded pins as well as direct brazing of crimp terminals from 2.5mm² cable right the way up to 120mm² including all the commonly used sizes in between such as 6, 16 & 35mm² cables.

The system comes complete ready for remote use with a battery pack in a rugged waterproof housing that will fire around 80- 100 pins on a charge and another rugged case for transporting the marine grade stainless steel gun. The unit doesn’t rely on electronic components to operate which means it’s incredibly reliable and the ergonomic design makes it easy to operate day in- day out.

The Electrobraze System is preferred over traditional banding methods due to the lower heat transfer to the substrate metal. The Electrobraze System thus lowers the incidence of copper penetration.

We offer free training for every unit purchased and have a demo system available if you would like to see it in person simply contact us at Anode Engineering.

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