Product Review – Nitrile Faced Phenolic Insulating Gaskets

As newer, better products are developed, products that no longer offer you the best in performance and value will begin to be phased out over the medium term. This will insure long life for your systems, the highest integrity for your pipelines and the best delivery times from us. Listed below are the latest products being phased out:

Anode Engineering holds limited quantities of various sizes of the 900lb & 1500lb Flat Gaskets. Once our stocks of 900lb & 1500lb Flat Gaskets have run out, we will be replacing with the abovementioned LineBacker gaskets. Please note that Nitrile Faced Phenolic gaskets will not be available after current stocks have been sold, as they will no longer be manufactured by GPT. This action is the result of recent studies by their Engineering team.

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