New Pipeline Brush Product Release

Apache Pipeline Products recognises that our customers are looking for creative solutions with excellent performance. The Integrity XB is made to fit existing brush cleaning pigs. The brush has been designed to clean better and last longer than existing products and features a new and unique construction method with Pencil Brush Technology. Each brush features stiff 22 gauge memory wire bristles at the front for heavy scraping and longer, flexible 25 gauge bristles at the rear for deep cleaning. High grade tinned hardened & tempered steel memory wire, providing excellent cleaning performance & corrosion resistance.

Amazing Cleaning Performance

  • New Pencil Brush Technology
  • 360 degree Rebound Memory Wire
  • Increased Wire Bristle Density
  • Over 7,000 Hardened & Tempered Steel Wires Per Brush

Corrosion Resistance

  • All Parts have Corrosion Resistance
  • Powder Coated Black Plate
  • Tin Coated Individual Steel Wires
  • Non Corrosive High Grade Urethane Base

New & Unique Product

  • Different to anything else in the Market
  • Options to Customize
  • Fully Developed and Tested
  • Looks Fantastic

For more information on the new Integrity XB or any of the Apache products, please contact Anode Engineering on 1800 446 400 (toll free), or via email at

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