I-Rod | Still Performing After 28 Years Offshore

In 1989 the first order of half-round I-Rod thermoplastic was installed to support piping on an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. As part of routine inspections, Deepwater Corrosion Services visited the platform in 2002 and again in 2017.

What was found on both occasions were the original I-Rod and Nu-Bolt support still in service and with remarkably little wear. The case study below shows photographs of the supports 13 years and 28 years after installation. No other support can claim this field-proven performance.

The half round shape of the I-Rod against the round pipe minimizes the contact point. I-Rod Material is hydrophobic and exceptionally strong, so it can support the pipe without deforming or creeping over time, repelling moisture and protecting the pipe coating.

2002: 13 Years After Installation | 2017: 28 Years After Installation

Left: Wet Conditions – this fuel gas line is always wet (the green coloration is mould) and the beam paint system has failed, but no corrosion has occurred at the pipe support.
Right: Fifteen Years Later – 28 years after installation, the fuel gas line shows some paint failure at the support but the I-Rod is still intact.

Left: Low Beam, High Risk – Another pipe that stays wet as evidenced by the mould and mildew on the surface. At 13 years after installation, the support was performing well.
Right: No Crevice Corrosion – 28 years after installation, the coating almost completely disintegrated and I-Rod still successfully prevented the crevice corrosion.

Left: Exposed to Spray and Sun – This support remained well-preserved despite being exposed to harsh offshore conditions.
Right: New Paint, Same Nu-Bolt – The Nu-Bolt has received a few coast of paint over the decades but no new corrosion.

Left: Vertical Application – I-Rod is particularly effective on small-diameter screwed piping.
Right: Clean Crevice – After 28 years the I-Rod shows no change long after the coating has failed.

Left: Racking Up the Years – I-Rod was used to dress beams beneath multiple pipes. No corrosion at 13 years.
Right: Holding Up Well – I-Rod supporting multiple pipes across a standard beam support.

Left: A Closer Look – The same supports pictured above at 13 years. I-Rod is showing some sign of stress on the right pipe.
Right: Very Little Change – 15 years later the crack has not compromised the support or the intensified corrosion.

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