Deepwater Corrosion and Anode Engineering Join Forces

The Anode Engineering team is pleased to announce the addition of Deepwater I-Rod, I-Rod Clips and Nu-Bolt assemblies to our portfolio.

Deepwater developed the I-Rod brand of pipe supports specifically to combat crevice corrosion and ensure a long, safe life for pipelines by eliminating the crevice between the pipe and the support.

I-Rod is a durable extruded thermoplastic cut into a half-round shape. It is the key component in all of Deepwater’s I-Rod brand pipe supports.

The I-Rod Clip (also called I-Clip) is an individual pipe support clip designed to be installed on the inside diameter of a pipe saddle. The clips are mechanically held in place by the weight of the pipe and by an adhesive strip, so they can be retrofitted easily along existing pipe runs.

The Nu-Bolt assembly combines the half-round I-Rod support with a modified pipe U-Bolt.For further information on these products click the hyperlinks above, or contact the team at Anode Engineering or phone (toll free) 1800 446 400. Contact us.

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