Assessing the Impact of Overhead Power Lines on Pipeline Corrosion

When a pipeline is in the vicinity of an overhead transmission or distribution power line (OHL) AC currents can be induced on the pipeline.

With recent acknowledgement that AC induction can cause pipeline corrosion, the latest revision of AS/NZS 4853:2012 provides more stringent steady state Low Frequency Induction (LFI) compliance for the mitigation of pipeline corrosion. Anode Engineering and LineTech Consulting have established a joint venture to provide turnkey CP solutions that include pre-design investigation of LFI to meet the new requirements.

To accurately calculate these low induced voltages, LineTech uses CDEGS software – in particular the CDEGS HIFREQ module is applied. This software has the capability to model induced voltages in small finite distaces (up to 1m segments) along the pipeline – with multi-layered soil models. In addition, induced voltages for multiple-voltages and numerous OHLs can be calculated. An important input into LFI studies is the accurate location of OHL structures. To achieve this LineTech Consulting applies Global Mapper for the spatial location of these structures.

We believe the skills and software employed by the joint venture of Anode Engineering and LineTech Consulting delivers a best in class, professional turnkey solution to all customers.

For further information, please contact Tony Auditore or Allan Sterling].

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