Anode Engineering at the Australasian Pipeline and Gas Association conference

Anode Engineering has been a member of the Australasian Pipeline and Gas Association since its inception and been exhibiting at the annual conference since.

This year the conference was held in Perth and all indications point to it being an unbridled success. The Anode stand was well patronised, many old friends stopped by and many new friends were made. Ross and Wayne from Anode Engineering were joined by Hamilton from GPT. Hamilton was able to assist many of our customers and prospects understand the finer points of flange isolation and sealing technologies. Of particular interest was the new VCS-id isolation gasket, developed to overcome the shorting across flanges due to metallic build-up. Details on the and websites.

Ross Darrigan was introduced to the industry and as an ex-APA network manager, he was able to fit in straight away. The conference was successful in many ways, with new projects and potential services being discussed with a great many companies, to the highlighting of the Dairyland electrical grounding, isolation and overvoltage protection systems. The Dairyland cows were a hit (see picture below). Ross, Wayne and Hamilton assembled a great many cow facts over the few days at the conference. Did you know that the Dairyland systems were developed after dairy cows were found to have been affected by stray voltages from dairy power system earthing leakage?

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