Anode Engineering and Lordco Equipment Calibration and Service

For years Anode Engineering and Lordco have offered clients a reliable equipment service. Equipment such as cable and pipe locators, gas surveyors, RFIT testers, Holiday detectors, portable current supply repairs, DCVG equipment calibration and repair and many other types of testing equipment. It would be fair to say that many of our clients use these services as Anode Engineering and Lordco personnel are familiar with them and even work with this equipment on site. The brands serviced include Tinker and Rasor, Metrotech, SPY and Anode Engineering’s own brands. Anode Engineering and Lordco pride themselves in providing a personalised service and accurate troubleshooting advice.

For more information on how Anode and Lorcdo can ensure your equipment is site ready please contact us below:

Australia: Ph: 1800 446 400 or
New Zealand: Ph: 049 393 944 or

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