• Kewtech KTD50


Comprehensive RCD tester that tests type AC and ACS RCDs.

The Kewtech KTD50 is a comprehensive RCD tester that tests type AC and ACS RCDs from 30mA to 500mA. Special RCD features include an auto, ramp and a x 2 I ΔN test.

In the auto-test mode the instrument automatically runs through all the six standard tests whilst the operator only has to stand by the RCS and reset it every time it trips. All the results can be viewed using the recall button. 

The ramp test slowly increases tripping current until the RCD trips. The display is in mA. It will show up RCDs that are our of specification and those that will be susceptible to nuisance trupping. It can also be used to indicate which circuits have high leakage current. 

For more information, refer to the attached data sheet. 

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Kewtech KTD50

  • Product Code: lc00137