• FFINDER Fuse Finder Kit

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive kit, it comes with a mains lead only and Test leads are optional for testing lighting circuits.
  • Self learning module increases accuracy as you sweep over the breakers


  • The Kewtech Fuse Finder consists of a transmitter and receiver with mains lead
  • Transmitter – connects to the circuit to be traced by either the mains lead or fused test lead set.
  • The transmitter is powered from the supply so does not need batteries. It injects a signal into the circuit that is then picked up by the receiver at the fuse board.
  • Receiver – this cleverly auto-tunes when scanning a bank of fuses / mcbs. At least two scans are required so that the receiver can adjust its sensitivity to detect the strongest signal and hence the correct fuse for the circuit under test.
  • LEDs clearly indicate signal strength and an auto power off maximises battery life


  •  ACC016E fused test lead set

FFINDER Fuse Finder Kit

  • Product Code: lc10458