• KEWISO1 Safety Isolation Kit

Key Benefits:

  • The ultimate solution for safe isolation procedures - with a voltage only two pole tester
  • KEWVOLT2 two pole tester
  • Kewprove 3 proving unit with a transparent window – so available for hassle free use at any time
  • Kewlok – universal lock off device with selectable combination


Features & Included:


  • Dedicated two pole tester
  • Provides simple foolproof visual indication
  • Six voltage ranges 6 – 12 – 50 – 120 – 230 & 400 V AC/DC
  • Compact design
  • High category rating Cat IV 600V safety
  • Complies with GS 38
  • No batteries required
  • Compact design and slim probes means that it can reach into recessed terminals


  • One size fits most MCBs and toggle type main switches
  • Easy to use combination lock
  • User selectable integral combination padlock for memorable combination numbers
  • No need for separate lock and no keys required.
  • Saves having multi piece lock out kits
  • Comes with two warning labels that can be secured to the shackle and give user information


  • High output will drive even the most high current voltage detector
  • Instant ramp up and then step down will prove 690, 400, 230, 120 & 50v voltage levels

Carry Bag

  • Durable carry bag with a shoulder strap and transparent window for the proving unit. Space to carry extra tools.

KEWISO1 Safety Isolation Kit

  • Product Code: lc10448