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U.S. Bellows, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing engineered expansion joints for the industry since the 1960s. Today, U.S. Bellows consists of manufacturing resources of RM Engineered Products of Ladson, SC (acquired in 1995) and Ketema - U.S. Bellows, Inc. of San Diego, California (acquired in 1997).

U.S. Bellows does extensive physical testing to prove designs. Each bellows and expansion joint unit goes through in-process quality control using a system of travelers. Final in-house inspection and testing is performed prior to shipping, based on customer requirements. U.S. Bellows has performed a variety of tests on expansion joints ranging from X-Ray tests and Hydrotests to Helium Leak tests (using a mass spectrometer). Our manufacturing shop also has ASME Section VIII CODE certification for jobs requiring CODE certification.

US Bellows

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