• Extech 380947: 400A True RMS AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter


True RMS mini-clamp with high current resolution

The compact Extech 380947 is a 400 Amp True RMS mini clamp meter. This meter has a small diameter jaw designed to reach in small areas while providing 1mA resolution and very low-current sensitivity. This mini clamp meter is useful for current and frequency related troubleshooting in plant maintenance, electrical, HVAC, and telecom work, as well as home electrical, fleet maintenance, marine, and motorcycle repairs. Comes with battery and manual.


  • 0.9" (23mm) jaw opening
  • True RMS measurements with 1mA AC resolution
  • Non-contact Frequency measurements to 10kHz through the clamp jaws
  • Fast 40 segment bargraph
  • One touch Auto Zero
  • Min/Max, Data hold and Auto power off
  • To download the correct user's manual, please check your product's serial number (on the back of the unit). A product revision has occurred only if the SN begins with a letter (A, B, etc.)

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Extech 380947: 400A True RMS AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter

  • Product Code: lc10485