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MTDTAPSTOP Pressure Control Fittings are designed, tested and manufactured with a 0.40 design factor to meet or exceed the code area replacement requirements for the pressurecontainment in ASME/ANSI-B31.8 (Gas Pipelines).

The MTD fittings are certified for use inClass 1, 2, 3 & 4 locations at the maximum allowable operating pressures of 285 PSI for ANSIClass 150 series fittings and 740 PSI for ANSI Class 300 series fittings.

MTD fittings aredesigned to structurally carry the extra loads imposed during the hot tapping and line stoppingoperations.

MTD fitting design also meets ASME/ANSI B31.4 (Liquid Pipelines), B31.3(Chemical Plants and Refineries), B31.3 (Power Plants), DOT 192 (Federal Regulation for GasPipelines, DOT 195 (Federal Regulation for Liquid Pipelines) and most International Codes.

All MTD Pressure Control fittings are marked according to MSS SP 25. MTD employs the ASMESection VIII & IX (and API 1104) Welding Procedure System.

MTD also employs a QualityAssurance Policy, Quality Control Procedures, In Process Inspection and Documentation. MTDPressure Control fittings are designed for use with specific types of Hot Tapping and LineStopping Equipment.

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Completion Plugs & O-rings

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