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WM. L. Riggs, Company, INC. is a family owned and operated business. We began in 1947 with the invention of our Safety Boy flange spreaders and grew on to develop Econo Check precision measurement tools. Today, we have become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of precision tools.

Flange Spreaders were invented by the W. L. Riggs, Company, INC. Known as the SAFETY BOY Flange Spreader, the spreaders are designed for separating flanges and pipes used in refineries, petrochemical, Ships, oil rigs, agrichemical and chemical plants, electrical and gas utility stations, pipe lines, oil fields and various industrial facilities. "SAFETY BOY" is our brand name for our patented flange spreaders. We have designed and built our own spreaders back in 1947 and we have remained the safest, most reliable flange spreaders available today. flange spreader tools, Wm. L. Riggs Company Inc. is at the forefront for tools and equipment for industry worldwide. We sell flange spreaders and precision measuring tools, thread gauges, torque wrenches, comparator stands, instant gauging fixtures for multi-checking of machine parts.

WM. L. Riggs

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