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The electrical resistance (ER) technique is an “on-line” method of monitoring the rate of corrosion and the extent of total metal loss for any metallic equipment or structure. The ER technique measures the effects of both the electrochemical and the mechanical components of corrosion such as erosion or cavitation. It is the only on-line, instrumented technique applicable to virtually all types of corrosive environments.

Although universally applicable, the ER method is uniquely suited to corrosive environments having either poor or non-continuous electrolytes such as vapors, gases, soils, “wet” hydro-carbons, and non aqueous liquids.

Examples of situations where the ER approach is useful are:

  • Oil/gas production and transmission systems
  • Refinery/petrochemical process streams
  • External surfaces of buried pipelines
  • Feed water systems
  • Flue gas stacks

Architectural structures An ER monitoring system consists of an instrument connected to a probe. The instrument may be permanently installed to provide continuous information, or may be portable to gather periodic data from a number of locations. The probe is equipped with a sensing element having a composition similar to that of the process equipment of interest.

Refer to attached data sheets for available probes & instruments for ER Monitoring.

Thumb File Name File Size Action
ER3110.pdf 614.69KB
MS2510.pdf 698.59KB
ER7220.pdf 579.76KB
ER0250.pdf 536.83KB
ER_Monitoring.pdf 1.63MB
ER0500.pdf 709.69KB
ER3000.pdf 607.16KB
MS0500.pdf 612.27KB
MS1500E.pdf 710.36KB
COR 13 006 Electrical Resistance Monitoring Rev 01.pdf 177.62KB
COR 13 007 Retractable ER Probes Rev 01.pdf 196.29KB
COR 13 003 ER Meter MS Rev01.pdf 177.77KB
MS2500_with_Wireless_Option.pdf 810.32KB
ER3100.pdf 566.67KB
MS2500E.pdf 661.47KB
ER7300.pdf 576.81KB
ER6000.pdf 612.33KB
ER7210.pdf 576.9KB
ER7200.pdf 569.97KB
ER7100.pdf 636.09KB
Intro_to_ER_Monitoring.pdf 1.63MB
ER7000.pdf 592.32KB
ER4100.pdf 628.93KB
MS3500E.pdf 739.62KB
ER4210.pdf 594.68KB
ER3200.pdf 582.13KB
ER7230.pdf 586.9KB
ER2100.pdf 600.26KB
ER6100.pdf 593.72KB
ER2000.pdf 617.08KB
ER4200.pdf 617.79KB
ER6200.pdf 595.51KB
ER1000.pdf 584.01KB

ER Probes & Instruments

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