• Style 360 Full Circle Repair Clamp


Full circle repair clamp for steel, cast/ductile and AC.

The Dresser Style 360 repair clamp offers simplicity and ease of installation. Just wrap the clamp around the pipe, drop the bolts in place and tighten. Its that simple. Moreover, special one-inch long nuts allow the use of a standard deep socket wrench for complete tightening.

In the popular 7.5 inch clamp width, there is also a third nut so the middle nut can be used to pre-tighten the clamp. Additionally, the smaller sized clamps feature a flexible band which means less holding force is required while tightening.With the 360 clamp you can repair holes, breaks and splits in the pipeline. You can use it where pipe ends are separated, or where ends are deflected up to 4 degrees or 1/8 inch. Or you can join two pipes with a variation of 1/4 inch outside diameter.

Clamp features include a tapered gasket with a gridded design and the spanner is moulded flush with the gasket to prevent hang up. The 360 has a stainless band, lugs of rugged ductile iron and bolts of corrosion-resistant Dresserloy.
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Style 360 Full Circle Repair Clamp

  • Brand: Dresser
  • Product Code: 7456673407