• Style 131 Dismantling Joint


Carbon steel dismantling joint for cast/ductile and steel.

The Dresser Style 131 Dismantling Joint is a double-ended flanged adapter that allows for longitudinal adjustment in piping systems where flanged end pipe is the standard. This product will provide the maximum in flexibility when installing and maintaining flanged end pipe interfaces with check valves, gate valves, ball valves, pumps, blowers, meters, engines, compressors, various fittings and appurtenances.

A typical dismantling joint would be used in a pump house, a blower house, a lift station or anywhere that a flanged end piping accessory, such as a valve or pump, requires quick installation or removal. The product eliminates the need to drop an inlet or discharge pipe leg normally associated with flanged end pipe. It also allows for up to 2 degrees of misalignment, and can be designed to provide from 2 inches to 20 inches of longitudinal adjustment to the pipe ends.

This longitudinal adjustment, provided by a telescoping flanged spool piece, can be limited with the addition of tie rods, which are integral with the joint. As a consequence of this flexibility, center to center dimensions become less critical to the installer and installation time is reduced considerably. Dresser Dismantling Joints are available in diameters ranging from 4 inches through 24 inches in standard designs, and through 96 inches in diameter for custom-engineered designs. The Dresser Dismantling Joint is fabricated in either carbon steel or stainless steel. Standard designs include flanges drilled to mate with AWWA Class B and Class D with a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI. Higher pressure ratings available upon request.

The Dresser Dismantling Joint is available in a variety of coatings to suit operating and environmental conditions, and gasket compounds are selected for compatibility with line content with the standard gasket available in a Dresser Grade 27 Buna S compound.

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Style 131 Dismantling Joint

  • Brand: Dresser
  • Product Code: 8290197866