• DC3R Scraper Cup 6 - 14"


(152 - 356 MM)

Apache series DCR cleaning pigs are used to remove debris from pipelines thereby improving valuable flow rates. DC3R pigs come standard with three Apache Series C cups manufactured from high quality Reliathane.

Designed to traverse 3D bends.


  • Flange brushes
  • Gauging plates
  • Magnets

Available with UT configuration with internal transmitter housing for 6" - 14" pigs.


  • Sealer discs
  • Bumper noses


Elements and brushes can be easily replaced to provide additional service. Similar in design to the SCR pigs, the DCRs are equipped with two fixed steel brushes to further enhance cleaning performance.


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DC3R Scraper Cup 6 - 14"

  • Product Code: lc10089