• DCDX Scraper Cup 16 - 48"


(406 - 1219 MM)

The series DCDX pig come standard with the combination of two cups, two discs and brushes which provides a positive seal between dissimilar fluids and is typically used for long distance operations and light cleaning of pipelines. The increased surface area provided by multiple sealing components significantly improves overall cleaning and sealing capacity of the pig.

Designed to traverse 3D bends.


  • Transmitter housing
  • Block brushes
  • Gauging plates
  • Magnets
  • Plow blades


  • Series C cups
  • Bumper noses


DCDX pigs are equipped with Apache Series C cups manufactured from high quality Reliathane. The large wear surface of the cup promotes longer life while the product pressure keeps the cutting edge firm against the pipe wall. A standard bumper nose prevent damage to both the pig and in-line auxiliary equipment. All Apache 16”-48” pigs are manufactured with by-pass ports. The ports have threaded plugs that can be removed if by-pass is required.


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DCDX Scraper Cup 16 - 48"

  • Product Code: lc10087