• DCD Scraper Cup 16 - 48"


(406 - 1219 MM)

The series DCD pig comes standard with a combination of two sealing discs and two series C Cups, providing a positive seal between dissimilar fluids and scraping capability. The increased surface area provided by multiple sealing components significantly improves overall cleaning and sealing capacity of the pig.

Designed to traverse 1.5D bends.


  • Flange and block brushes
  • Transmitter housing
  • Gauging plates
  • Magnets


  • Series C cups
  • Series C disks
  • Bumper noses


Configuration of the DCD pig offers a sealing arrangement suitable for separation of dissimilar fluids together with light scraping of pipeline during longer distance operations. Standard bumper noses prevent damage to both the pig and in-line auxiliary equipment. All Apache 16”-48” pigs are manufactured with by-pass ports. The ports have threaded plugs that can be removed if by-pass is required.


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DCD Scraper Cup 16 - 48"

  • Product Code: lc10086