• CD52 Bandit Non-Intrusive Pig Signaler


The CD52 Bandit is a non-intrusive pig signaler which uses either permanent magnets or active transmitters mounted onto the pig to detect passage from 0.022 to 45.73 mph (0.01m/s to 20 m/s).

A relay closure on passage allows the Bandit to be interfaced to a wide variety of systems including SCADA, PLC's, lights, horns, etc.


Remote Indicator System (RIS):
Provides viewability to a range of 100 meters via 16 super-bright LEDs mounting in the face of the system.

Identification Tags:
Permanent, Engraved 316 Stainless Steel tags affixed to the system.

316 Stainless Steel sunshade provide basic thermal protection for CD52 enclosures, lowering the operating temperature of the electronics and prolonging their life.


  • Completely non-intrusive to the pipeline
  • Designed for direct burial permanent installation with many standard stalk heights and types
  • Armored flex cable option available
  • Every unit is dual rated for ATEX and IECEx for hazardous location
  • Bi-directional pig detection
  • Detection of both transmitter and permanent magnet equipped pipeline pigs
  • Automatic retention of the 10 most recent pig passage times and dates
  • Powered for one full year with two D-Cell alkaline batteries or permanently powered with 24VDC
  • Easily bands to pipelines from 2" to 60"
  • Works with wall thicknesses of 1.5 inches [38mm] (contact CDI when W.T. greater than 1" [25.4mm])


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CD52 Bandit Non-Intrusive Pig Signaler

  • Product Code: lc10124